Pharmapiù is the Health company unique for completeness, assistance and care for the health and safety of customers. 

Fast deliveries from the order to the delivery, the tranquillity of a punctual, efficient and always available pre and post sales support. 

Pharmapiù is the most reliable and trustworthy partner you could wish for, always careful to follow the evolutive processes of the market, new technologies and regulations. In our name lies our identity: (Pharma)più means plus,  better, the better to be attained, the best on the market, thanks to the pursuit of the absolute quality that drives our actions every day. 

With such a partner, it's easy to you to think positive.


We have always been in Italy and abroad in the market of accident prevention, first aid and company car, with, in the areas of primary emergency resuscitation, immobilization and oxygen therapy. 

Our supplies include filled and empty boxes, with the highest quality of ABS, polypropylene and metal, Made inItaly in various colours and sizes, which can also be customized on request. 

All products are supplied in compliance with the European directives and technical rules in order to provide to our customers devices meeting laws and regulations on the safety and health of workers at work.


The most reliable and secure partner you could wish for, offering a wide range of first aid boxes strictly Made in Italy and complete with everything you need to deal withemergencies that may occur in the sea and several products of practical utility to ensure your maximum tranquillity such as watertight first aid kits, fireworks' emergency, indispensable life-saving defibrillators. To sail always in calm waters.


Integrated line of absolute quality and certified medical products, which has also successfully conquered the sports market in a short time and became an important reference:sport bags and boxes, massage line, cold and hot therapy, taping and bandages, kinesiology tapers, drink and food supplements and orthopaedic supports. Guaranteed quality and reliability, absolute market competitiveness, accurate and constant support. Pharmapiù Sport is the ideal partner for companies, federations or sports stores, ready to share with then competence, dynamism and enthusiasm in the race towards great goals.